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Welcome to Women for Europe


Sample imageWomen for Europe is a growing network of women who have come together to encourage a Yes vote in the forthcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The campaign will reach out to women to ensure their voices are included on the Yes side of the debate. It will aim to provide clear information on the Treaty, its meaning and relevance to Irish women. It will seek to communicate the unique benefits of being part of Europe for Irish women by focusing on issues of significance to their lives.

Women For Europe knows that Irish women have benefited enormously from Ireland’s membership of the EU.  Yet, 56% of those that voted no to Lisbon last time were women.  To us, this does not add up.

Women for Europe will spend the summer and autumn speaking to women and for women in Ireland about their experience of Europe, and their concerns about Lisbon.  We will provide clear, accessible information on the treaty and exactly what it does and does not do. We want to take discussion about the treaty into women’s homes, lives and workplaces.  This time, the debate should be about real issues, not mis-information and confusion.


Download Lisbon Treaty.


We urgently need volunteers to organise events and support the campaign.

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