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REASON 5: Help eradicate poverty in the developing world.

What does the Treaty say?

The Lisbon Treaty puts poverty eradication at the heart of the EU’s development goals.  The Treaty provides that the Union shall take account of development cooperation in all its policies. 

It commits the Union to “foster the sustainable economic, social and environmental development of developing countries, with the primary aim of eradicating poverty.”   It also recognises other issues that  have huge significance in the developing world such as climate change, energy, free and fair trade and humanitarian action.

What has the EU done already?

The European Union and its member states are the largest development assistance donors in the world. In 2007 the EU provided €47 billion in overseas aid. The EU is also assisting the worlds poorest countries in the world’s trading system and is committed to spending €2 billion a year on aid for trade by 2010.

Why it matters?

No one country can solve the problems of the developing world. However, the Lisbon Treaty will help the European Union to act more coherently in development cooperation. A strong EU voice at the international table will help sustain the momentum towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Through our membership of the European Union we shape policies that can really influence the impact on the lives of the citizens of the developing world.