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10 Reasons to vote YES

10 women - 10 reasons with chairperson Olive Braiden (centre)The European Union has grown significantly and the Lisbon Treaty recognises that fact. The Treaty will make changes to how the Union is run so that it becomes more democratic and efficient in the best interests of us - its citizens.

The Lisbon Treaty prioritises the rights of citizens with the introduction into EU law of the Charter of Fundamental Rights that sets out the civil, political, social and economic rights recognised by the EU.



Voting Yes to the Lisbon Treaty will create a European Community which can -

1. Protect the freedom, dignity and equality of women through the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

2. Continue to ensure women are protected from discrimination in the workplace.

3. Protect women and children from human trafficking and exploitation.

4. Better protect the elderly, children and those with disabilities.

5. Help eradicate poverty in the developing world.

6. Enable us to tackle Climate Change.

7. Support Irish Jobs.

8. Protect consumers and bring prices down.

9. Ensure greater accountability, democracy and transparency in Europe.

10. Protect our right to live and work in Europe.

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