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Vote Yes to Support a more efficient Development Aid Policy

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The European Union currently gives more than 50% of the world's development aid through its own institutions and through its Member States.  A YES vote to Lisbon will result in the EU's development cooperation policy having the reduction and the eradication of poverty a primary objective.  With the Lisbon Treaty, this is enshrined for the first time in a treaty as an overall aim of the EU, and it will be the principal framework for the EU's relationship with all developing countries.

The European Commission plays a key role in the implementation of the EU's foreign policy and in this it relies heavily on its over 130 Delegations and Offices around the world.  The status of these Delegations will be enhanced significantly with Lisbon, as the EU gains legal personality.  Under the Lisbon Treaty EC Delegations will become EU Delegations and will represent the EU across the full range of EU competencies.  Delegations will have a role in terms of programming and policy.  Increasing decentralisation of decision making to the new Delegations will improve the quality and speed with which aid can be dispersed.

Vote Yes to support a more efficient Development Aid Policy.