Wake up Call to Yes Vote from Women in Business


Women for Europe in the Dublin Chamber of CommerceBusiness women from across Dublin gathered this morning to mobilise for a YES vote in the Lisbon Referendum on October 2nd.

A wide cross-representation of women from small, medium and large organisations and all walks of the business community gathered this morning in Dublin to add their voice strongly behind the Yes Vote for Lisbon.  Hosted by Margaret Sweeney of Women for Europe (and Chief Executive of Postbank), guest speakers included Minister Mary Hanafin, T.D., Danuta Gray, CEO O2 Ireland, Olive Braiden, Chair of Women for Europe and Imelda Reynolds, Vice President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

"This morning a group of business women supportive of the Lisbon Treaty got together to help mobilise women to vote and to vote yes in the forthcoming referendum on October 2nd.  The EU has been good for Ireland and more particularly has made a significant contribution to progress and influence for women over the last 30 years.  The advances for our generation and our children in education, work opportunities, equal pay, maternity entitlements, social rights would not have been achieved without that driving power of the EU," said Margaret Sweeney.  "This is why we're mobilising and calling on women across Ireland, in business and at home, to get out and make their voices heard.  A yes vote will ensure that Ireland stays at the heart of Europe with a strong voice."

"Over 60% of exports from this country are to markets in Europe.  We need to continue to build on our relationships in Europe to sustain Irish companies and jobs and future investment for growth." said Ms. Sweeney.

Olive Braiden, Chair of Women for Europe added, "The Lisbon Treaty builds on what has already been achieved.  The Lisbon Treaty puts citizen's rights, from women's rights, to worker's rights to social rights like healthcare and education at the heart of the EU.  This is why Women for Europe believe that the Yes Vote is in the best interests of Irish Women."