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Some Economic Truths

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The economic situation has affected us all.  It is time to point out how linked our economy is to our membership of the European Union.  Women for Europe would like to highlight some economic truths.

Three statistics:-


  • Ireland is the most export dependent country in the EU, 60% of our exports go to the EU.
  • Every 2 out of 3 jobs in Ireland are linked to Irish exports.
  • Since membership our exports have multiplied 100 times.
  • 84% of Irish CEOs have said that the no vote to Lisbon last June was detrimental to the Irish economy.
Three facts:-
  • Foreign Direct Investment has grown 1,850 times since we joined the EU.
  • Since Ireland became a member of the EU, Foreign Direct Investment has grown from €17 million in 1973 to nearly €32 billion in 2007.
  • Ireland has marketed itself as an English speaking full member of the EU - this has been very attractive to US companies looking for a gateway into Europe.  In 2006 US investment into Ireland was larger than its combined investment into Brazil, Russia, India and China.
An anecdote
For every one pack of Kerrygold butter bought in Ireland - 7 are bought in the EU!
A Yes vote will continue to allow us to advertise ourselves as a gateway to Europe to all foreign investors.  We are their doorway to a market of 500 million people.  Let's not close that door!