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Women for Europe Debate the Issues

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Women for Europe representatives were busy last night speaking at debates organised by Fine Gael in Harold's Cross, Lucan and Ballinasloe.

Harold's Cross

Niamh Gallagher, Co-Founder of Women for Europe was a guest speaker at a debate in Harold's Cross along with Blair Horan of the Charter Group.  The hot topic at this debate was Worker's Rights.  Niamh and Blair clarified to the group present that Worker's Rights are an issue for the Irish government and that questions about the minimum wage, redundancy, dismissal and notice periods have nothing to do with the Lisbon Treaty and need to be dealt with by national law.  In fact the EU has hugely improved the rights of workers since we joined the Union!  Niamh also spoke about how important Ireland is in Europe and reminded everyone of the huge influence we have for such a small country.


Billie Sparks, Campaign Coordinator for Women for Europe, spoke at a debate organised by Senator Frances Fiztgerald in the Penny Hill Pub in Lucan.  Other speakers included Dr Garrett Fitzgerald and Mary Davis of Ireland for Europe.  There was a lively debate in the Penny Hill, and the audience had a lot of different questions to be answered.  One query that came up related to any militarisation of the EU.  All speakers on the panel confirmed to the group that the Lisbon Treaty has NO mention of a European Army or of conscription and that the Treaty fully respects the neutrality of Ireland.   Billie also spoke about jobs and how a No vote would send a out a message that Ireland is not sure of its place in the EU, and create uncertainty for investors.


Eimear Farrell, Campaign Support Officer of Women for Europe, spoke at a debate organised by Ulick Burke T.D. in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.  Eimear told the crowd that we are voting on a new package this time round.  She confirmed that we only keep our Commissioner if Lisbon is passed and that Ireland's position on neutrality, the right to life and tax will not change if Lisbon is passed due to the legally binding guarantees we now have.