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The Lisbon Treaty - Enabling us to tackle Climate Change

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Europe has a highly efficient CO2 trading scheme - the EU Emissions Trading Scheme - and has fixed very ambitious targets in terms of use of renewable energy.  The EU is the world leader in the promotion of energy efficiency and is strongly lobbying other countries to follow its lead.

The EU has a 20% CO2 reductions target for 2020.

The EU heavily invest in programmes that research, develop and promote energy efficiency.

What will Lisbon do?


The Treaty sets out the EU's clear objective for a high level of protection a nd improvement of the quality of the environment.  The Lisbon Treaty will effectively give the EU a coordinated voice and additional status in the world stage in tackling the issue of Climate Change.  It will allow the EU to act as one in promoting an agenda of energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and also enable greater leadership on this issue when defining policy and practical solutions in negotiations with other countries and developing economies.

At the request of the Irish Government, Article 191 of the TFEU has been amended to include for the first time in an EU Treaty a reference to "promoting measures at international level to deal with regional or worldwide environmental problems, and in particular combating climate change".  This article now ensures that the EU has specific environmental competence for promoting international action against Climate Change.