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5 Reasons to Vote YES

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It's nearly time to vote!

This Friday we are being asked to vote on whether the Lisbon Treaty creates the kind of EU that we want to belong to in the future.

Here are 5 good reasons to vote YES!


  1. Secure our Commissioner - a YES vote means we keep our Commissioner - a no vote means we don't.
  2. A YES vote sends a clear message that Ireland is open for business, which will create much needed confidence in our economy at this difficult time.
  3. A YES vote is a vote against crime.  With Lisbon, police forces across the EU will be able to work together more effectively to tackle cross border crimes such as trafficking of women and children and drug smuggling.
  4. A YES vote will make the Charter of Fundamental Rights legally binding, protecting the rights of women, children, older people, those with disabilities and workers.
  5. A YES vote will grant the EU the power to promote international action against climate change. Climate Change is a problem that no one country can tackle alone!

What's not in the Treaty?


  • The Lisbon Treaty will not affect Ireland's minimum wage.
  • There is no mention of conscription and no mention of a European Army in the Lisbon Treaty.
  • The Lisbon Treaty will NOT change Ireland's position on our tax rates, the right to life or neutrality.
  • Only the Irish government can decide what we spend on the Irish army.