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Women for Europe talk to Exchange House Traveller Service

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Niamh GallagherNiamh Gallagher, Co-Founder of Women for Europe spoke to a group of women at the Exchange House Traveller Service yesterday.

The women were interested to find out about what was actually in the Treaty for disadvantaged groups.  Niamh explained that the Charter of Fundamental Rights would become legally binding and that this would protect the rights of women, children, older people, those with disabilities and workers.  She also spoke about how the Lisbon Treaty would make the EU more democratic and more accountable through mechanisms such as the Citizen's Initiative.

Niamh also cleared up any confusion about our Commissioner.  She explained that we keep our Commissioner with a YES vote to Lisbon and loose our Commissioner with a no vote.

There was a lot of frustration at the current government and the question was asked as to how anyone could trust the government now when things are so bad in the country?  Niamh said she understood the anger that was out there but that Women for Europe was a civil society campaign and that now was not the time to punish the government - there would be plenty of time for that after October 2nd!