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Women for Europe talk to women in Kilkenny

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Michelle O'Donnell KeatingOn Thursday 24th September Michelle O'Donnell Keating, Co-Founder of Women for Europe, was delighted to speak to the women attending the ICA Kilkenny County meeting.  It was a great meeting and women were again very interested in what the treaty means for them and their families.

Michelle spoke on the issues of accountability and democracy that the Lisbon Treaty deals with, bringing more power to our Dáil and our directly elected MEPs.

Many questions were asked - from effects on our Health and Education services to the impact on our economy in the future.

Women for Europe were glad to clarify that the Lisbon Treaty in no way leads to privatisation of our Health and Education services and that these crucial areas reamin under the sole influence of the Irish Government and that the EU has no influence over these matters.

Michelle would like to say a big thanks for the chance to meet and speak with the women of Kilkenny and also for the delicious cake!