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The right to vote should not be a privilege but should be looked upon as one.  Over the years, many people have fought and died for the right to vote.  Here in Ireland we now have equal suffrage but some countries are not that equal.


  • In Bhutan there is one vote per household but women are forbidden to go outside and leave the housework.
  • In Lebanon proof of elementary education is required for women but not for men before they can vote.
  • In Brunei, neither men or women can vote nor stand for election since 1962 as this country is government by absolute monarchy.
  • In Saudi Arabia women do not have the right to vote nor stand for election.
  • In the United Arab Emirates there is currently no electoral system
Articles 39 and 40 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights enshrine the rights of EU citizens to vote and to stand for election in their country and also within the European Parliament.