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Women for Europe welcomes YES vote!

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Olive BraidenOlive Braiden, Chair of Women for Europe, has welcomed the YES vote on the Lisbon Treaty.  "This is a powerful endorsement, by Irish Women, of the importance of the European Union in their lives.  It highlights the impact the EU has had on prioritising women's rights and equal opportunities in this country," she stated.

Women for Europe notes in particular that as a result of the YES vote the Charter of Fundamental Rights will now be legally binding and will ensure protection to the rights of women and those of children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

According to Ms Braiden, Women for Europe focused its efforts, in the run up to the referendum, on providing accurate information on matters of real importance to women.  "The Campaign reached thousands of women all across the country and the women's vote has been central to ensuring that we now have secured the right to equality both for women today and for future generations," said Braiden.

"Women for Europe hopes that this result and the work done by women countrywide throughout the campaign will encourage more women to become involved in politics and that this will lead to a greater number of women elected and more women in the Dáil.  It is clear that Ireland needs more gender balance in political representation," concluded Ms Braiden.