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Women for Europe reject the arguments from No to Lisbon campaign as false & misleading

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Olive Braiden chairperson of Women for EuropeOlive Braiden chairwoman of Women for Europe has totally rejected, as false and misleading, claims made by the No to Lisbon coalition at their launch yesterday(18 August) that the Lisbon Treaty is a right wing plot against workers and degrades public services .

Ms Braiden said “The truth is the Lisbon Treaty actually strengthens workers rights through the Charter of Fundamental rights. It ensures the right to paid maternity leave, to fair and just working conditions and protects against unfair dismissal. It is thanks to our membership of the European Union that women are entitled to equal pay.

“Likewise claims that the Lisbon Treaty will privatise public services are simply untrue. What we term public services in this country are called services of general interest in the EU treaties and protected in the EU. Does the No campaign really believe that EU members with highly developed social systems such as Sweden would allow these services to be removed from their control or be undermined in anyway”.

Ms Braiden continued “Women for Europe is a civic group designed to work with Irish women and engage in an honest debate about the merits of the Lisbon Treaty. Many women voted no in the last referendum because they had genuine concerns which were not clearly addressed. The legal guarantees secured by the Irish government provide security with regards to Ireland’s sovereignty on issues such as taxation, neutrality, abortion and on immigration. Despite what the No to Europe campaign claim there should be no lingering doubts in the minds of women on these issues”.